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Tips on Light Travelling

If you are going to Pagudpud for the long weekend or this coming Holidays, we suggest that you travel light. Saud Beach and all its resorts, including Polaris, is not designed for tourists with heavy Louie Vitton luggage.

Yes, there is a place for them, but traveling light is the best way to go.

1. You don’t want your luggage to be a hindrance to the adventure of staying in a secluded cove.

2. You don’t want to spoil your vacation by worrying and looking after your things.

3. You don’t want to stay in a cluttered room. The rooms in Polaris and other resorts are not that big. If you bring five big bags, you have to sleep outside the door.


swimwear – camera – slippers – shoes – jogging pants – shorts – sunglasses moisturizer – sunblock – toiletries – change of clothes – cellphone – charger – laptop – laptop charger – backpack – wallet with cash (credit cards are not that useful)

That’s practically all you need.

Best Things to Do in Pagudpud Beach

Tourists do all sorts of crazy things in Pagudpud. That includes enjoying the sea while a tropical typhoon is going in. No, we don’t promote that but extreme vacationing happens in Saud Beach. Heck, a couple even got married there, and they were given with the gift of a morning shower and an afternoon rainbow.

These are our suggestions:

a. Swim early morning and greet the sun.

Of course you can spend the whole day swimming, boating, or snorkeling.  The blue waters are so tempting. But just try to wake up at 5 in the morning, put on your swimsuit (or a duster, who cares), and brave the cold breeze. The swim is good for your skin, but the sight of greeting the sunrise is good for your soul.  A delicious breakfast of Vigan longganiza and egg at Polaris will cap such that magical morning.

b. Sleep in the sand.

Yes. Sleep. Well, you can also make love to your spouse or lover there, and spend the rest of your vacation in the Pagudpud detention center. But blissful sleep means leaving the Polaris videoke bar at 10 after consuming bottles of beer (or tequila or tanduay), then grabbing a plastic mat and  a blanket. Choose a safe spot near Polaris, and sleep while counting the stars. Of course if it rains, the thrill doubles.

c. Satisfy your stomach with Ilocano cuisine.

Try this pinakbet. Polaris can cook a special batch for you according to your taste. Arrange with Me Ann in advance. Don’t go home without tasting their own brand of longganiza. Satiate yourself with the abundance of seafood.

d. Sit on the beach and watch the windmills.

Sometimes, after spending an exhilarating day swimming and posing for pictorials, it is best to just choose a reclining coconut, and sit. Breathe the fresh ocean air and enjoy the beauty of the windmills from afar.

e. Soak up in cultural and natural wonders.

So many things to do. You can visit the Bojeador Lighthouse; the Patapat Viaduct,or  the zipline at Banna. All that in one day. Really!

Things to do in Pagudpud: Build a Sand Castle

Evenings in Boracay is a time to view the splendid sand arts on the sandy beaches. This is something that visitors in Pagudpud can certainly try and enjoy.

photo grabbed from Knowledge Rush (see link below)


a friendly reminder

portrait of irresponsible beach goers

happy easter everyone

First Photos This Holy Week

The first photos from Pagudpud this Holy Week has been found in the facebook account of Assiram Pascua.  More photos here.

Ways to Spend Time with God on the Beach

It is doubtful that you will go to Pagudpud, or any other green travel destinations looking for 14 stations of the cross. You are there to relax and enjoy the beach.

God on the Beach

Still, it will be good for your  spirit if you spend a few moments to commemorate what the Holy Week is all about. Here are simple tips:

1. Spend time alone on the beach as the sun is about to rise. There is an intense spiritual experience there that is unmistakable.

2. Contemplate on the vastness of the sea. This will remind you of the grandeur of God’s love and mercy.

3. Play with the sand on the beach. Write your prayer on the sand and leave it there.

4. Organize a simple prayer service among the other vacationers.

5. Stay in your room for a short time. Just open your bible, or just talk to your God.

a word to our sponsor

Jesus Journey to Jerusalem

Lord, increase the faith of your people
and listen to our prayers.
Today we honor Christ our triumphant King
by carrying these branches.
May we honor you every day
by living always in him,
for he is Lord for ever and ever.

Places that Polaris Can Take You 3: Banna Zipline

What is it?

The first zipline in Ilocos Norte.  The adventure lasts 17 seconds (160 m long) but you will remember for a lifetime.

Why go there?

Aside from the adrenaline rush? Hmmm. Another adrenaline rush.

How to go there?

Banna is an interior town, maybe one and a half hours away from Laoag. Polaris can arrange a private ride for you, or if you want to take public transportation, take a bus to Laoag first. Then, in Laoag, there are jeepneys going to Banna.

Also visit:

Cape Bojeador

Patapat Viaduct